Who we are

IMG_0023Jennifer Gunst, DAOM
Jen grew up in Southern California and migrated up to the Bay Area to study biochemistry genetics at Berkeley. One of her first academic exposures to integrative medicine began in the cancer research lab at UCSF, where a neighboring lab was boiling Chinese herbs in order to extract the active constituents for analysis. Struck by the ancient wisdom behind the herbs combined with modern technology, Jen decided to pursue her doctorate in Chinese and integrative medicine.
Along the way, Jen was introduced to other forms of natural medicine that included muscle response testing, NAET, and BioSET. She has used and is familiar with all of the various computerized systems that evolved with these modalities, including the Zyto, QXSI, IQS, Asyra, and other biofeedback machines.
In 2015, Jen discovered the brand new German CyberScan system and is currently developing novel protocols and using it in her current clinical practice. She believes that CyberScan has the potential to change the paradigm of modern medicine and is conducting trainings and conferences for practitioners.
Her current approach to practice is utilization of the CyberScan and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) to assess genetic, biological, environmental, and lifestyle imbalances in order to effectively address each of these factors. This results in targeted and individualized treatment plans that allow for the growth of each person’s wellness and immune system health at maximum capacity. She specializes in connecting the dots with both simple and complex cases. She prefers to recommend dietary modifications before supplements, but will bring in short term biochemical support with teas, plants, and extra vitamins and minerals as needed. Jen specializes in hybrid diets, and can customize the best blend of healthy eating for each individual, for example, “paleo meets low FODMAP with extra sprouts”. 
Jen is licensed as a primary care provider, and can integrate with your current provider(s) and/or provide access to both functional laboratory testing and traditional blood work. 


IMG_0024Christopher  Gunst, LMFT
Chris’s training and education includes: master’s degree in Holistic Psychotherapy/Counseling Psychology from JFK university with emphasis in Buddhist Psychology, training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Re-creation of the Self (a Hakomi based experiential therapy), as well as many other therapeutic techniques that are implemented throughout treatment.
He employs an eclectic orientation to meet each client’s individual needs towards health and wholeness.  As clients progress through treatment, he will often give choices as to which type of therapeutic intervention may be used to meet a particular need.
His current area of interest is in the use of mindfulness and present moment experiential interventions. These assist clients in creating new relationships to core material that provide more insight and choices in how they interact internally and within relationship to others and the outside world.  He believes all people are moving towards health and wholeness, and hopes to inspire self compassion and kindness.


Ashleigh HareAshleigh Hare, RYT 
Ashleigh Hare is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and is currently studying Holistic Nutrition. She became a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher in 2014 and now teaches mindful, therapeutic classes focusing on breath work, looking within, and breaking down barriers we build in our hearts, minds and bodies.
After moving from Oregon to the California coast, she discovered the practices of meditation and yoga, which sparked a flame of passion within her. As she begun studying the teachings of yoga, she realized how important and over looked self care is in our modern society. As her practice deepened, Ashleigh found herself drawn to restorative yoga and how it calmed the endocrine system, dramatically lowering cortisol levels. Though this, her studies broadened and she began researching anatomy, genetics, physiology and how health starts with what we put IN, ON, and around our bodies. Her approach to health is based on addressing individuality, and assessing how environmental factors contribute to our well being just as much as internal factors. As she continues her path towards becoming a Nutritional Consultant, she infuses Ayurvedic Philosophy, self-care practices and organic, seasonal foods to create and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Ashleigh believes we all have the power to heal ourselves from the inside out- through slowing down, breathing, conscious eating, and simple acts of kindness towards ourselves and the world we live in.


Ashlea Hartz, N.C, RYT
Ashlea Hartz, N.C., RYT is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and graduated from Bauman College in Santa Cruz. She is a skilled nutritionist who is passionate about educating the community on holistic nutrition, health, and wellness. Her training included an indepth study of the foundations of nutritionbiochemical individuality, anatomy, physiology, macro and micronutrient requirements, and healthful food selection based on each clients’ individuality.
Ashlea’s work in the field of nutrition includes therapeutic applications of diet and supplements for preventing or managing common health conditions. Her focus is on improving digestive health to help support hormone balance, reduce food sensitivities, and eating disorder recovery. Before starting her journey into holistic health and wellness, Ashlea spent over 10 years as a video producer working in New York, LA, and Austin. Her desire to teach others the benefits of a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle comes from her own personal experience in overcoming health challenges directly related to our modern stressful environments.
She is also a long-time yoga student and teacher, who incorporates the yogic philosophy into her work through mindfulness and asana practice.