Who we are

IMG_0023Jennifer Gunst, DAOM
Dr. Jen grew up in Southern California and migrated up to the Bay Area to study biochemistry genetics at Berkeley. One of her first academic exposures to integrative medicine began in the cancer research lab at UCSF, where a neighboring lab was boiling Chinese herbs in order to extract the active constituents for analysis. Struck by the ancient wisdom behind the herbs combined with modern technology, Dr. Jen decided to pursue her doctorate in integrative medicine.
Her current approach to practice is utilization of the FDA approved CyberScan device to assess genetic, biological, environmental, and lifestyle imbalances in order to effectively address each of these factors. This results in targeted and individualized treatment plans that allow for the growth of each person’s wellness and immune system health at maximum capacity. She specializes in connecting the dots with both simple and complex cases, and incorporates functional blood work and lab tests. She prefers to recommend dietary modifications before supplements, but will bring in short term biochemical support with teas, plants, botanicals, herbs, and extra vitamins and minerals as needed. Dr. Jen specializes in hybrid diets, and can customize the best blend of healthy eating for each individual, for example, “paleo meets low FODMAP with extra sprouts”.
Her latest project is BeWell IV, a collaboration with her friend Dr. Tasha Turzo in Santa Cruz. BeWell IV is a walk in injectables office that specializes in B12 shots, high dose vitamin C, wellness cocktails, and peptide therapies. The goal of BeWell IV is to bring accessible injectables to the community. 
Dr. Jen is licensed as a primary care provider, and can integrate with your current provider(s) and/or provide access to both functional laboratory testing and traditional blood work. 
IMG_0024Christopher  Gunst, LMFT
Chris’s training and education includes: master’s degree in Holistic Psychotherapy/Counseling Psychology from JFK university with emphasis in Buddhist Psychology, training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Re-creation of the Self (a Hakomi based experiential therapy), as well as many other therapeutic techniques that are implemented throughout treatment.
He employs an eclectic orientation to meet each client’s individual needs towards health and wholeness.  As clients progress through treatment, he will often give choices as to which type of therapeutic intervention may be used to meet a particular need.
His current area of interest is in the use of mindfulness and present moment experiential interventions. These assist clients in creating new relationships to core material that provide more insight and choices in how they interact internally and within relationship to others and the outside world.  He believes all people are moving towards health and wholeness, and hopes to inspire self compassion and kindness.
Chris is currently the clinical director at Wellness Retreat Recovery in San Jose, but still accepting private clients on a case by case basis. 



Ashleigh Hare, RYT, nutrition and fitness educator
Ashleigh Hare is a registered yoga and barre teacher + holistic wellness guru- blending nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and fitness into a well rounded offering to help you live your most vivacious life.
Ashleigh teaches classes ranging from therapeutic restorative to sweaty vinyasa+ barre —her goal always being to leave students feeling supported, strong, alive, rejuvenated and more connected to their body. Her belief is that when we combine conscious breath with thoughtful movement, the benefits are exponential.
Ashleigh offers nutrition consultations through zoom and in person, as well as private yoga and fitness classes- combining the two to meet you where you are and work together on your needs.
Her dream is to educate the world with positive practices which we can use to grow a greater awareness of our own personal needs, and create overall, sustainable balance in our lives.”