CyberScan Options and Appointments

CyberScan with Dr. Jennifer Gunst

Dr. Gunst utilizes CyberScan as her first line of assessment and treatment. She analyzes and interprets the results, and forms a treatment plan that may incorporate diet, biochemical nutrition, detoxification, and lifestyle recommendations. Functional labs and traditional blood work may be indicated based on your results. 

CyberAssess: a tool for practitioners

Recommended for those seeking a more focused assessment or a biofeedback treatment without a clinic visit. Note that these do not include an office visit with Dr. Gunst. Intended for use with partnering practitioners seeking another way to assess their patient’s health and wellness. These scans can be reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Jennifer Gunst during a separate office visit or by your own practitioner.

Scan reports are created using unique templates designed by Dr. Jennifer Gunst as both a cost effective and non-invasive way to look at markers, similar to those used in functional lab testing.  Please note the reports will not quantified as with lab tests, but will indicate relative imbalances of high levels and low levels

Color Tuning: $60/30min

Allow your mind and body to receive a balancing and tuning of color and sound. The CyberScan color tuning surveys your chakras and body and selects the areas that are out of alignment.  Relax in a quiet room, while the CyberScan tunes and balances your energy system through a series of harmonizing sounds and colors.

We are working to bring back color tunings to Green Health Wellness as soon as possible. Please stay tuned. 🙂


Disclaimer: Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness, nor is it to be presented or construed in any way as a substitute for professional medical, surgical or psychiatric care or treatment.