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Q: How is a scan performed in person?

A: During a CyberScan, the client places his/her hand on an electro-sensor that overlays a tesla coil within the CyberScan. The machine captures a “digital fingerprint”, which is saved and used for the assessments and biofeedback.

Q: How is a scan performed remotely?

A: A remote CyberScan requires a saliva or hair sample. We have glass saliva collection slides in the office that you can use. Otherwise, you may use any small clean, clear glass container like a baby food jar or small vial.

Q: How do I collect the saliva or hair?

A:  For hair, try to take hair from as close to scalp as possible or from a clean hair brush. Pull it directly from the root. Do not cut it. If you color your hair, please use saliva. Do not use anything except clean, clear glass containers for sending saliva and/or hair samples for the most accurate input. For saliva, take the sample anytime of day, at least 10 minutes away from food and drink.

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Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A:  To schedule with Dr. Jennifer Gunst, click here