Green Health Wellness is partnering with practitioners to provide a state of the art functional assessment tool that can assist with your diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Jennifer Gunst has created a set of functional CyberScan options that help to assess stool, organic acids, vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid status, hormone metabolites, and chemical toxicity. These scans are not meant to replace traditional lab tests. They are intended to help the practitioner determine one’s state of wellness with regard to microbiome, hormones,  overall toxicity, and nutritional status.

Basics Scan Demo

Comprehensive Stool Scan demo

Comprehensive Nutritional Scan demo

Organic Acids demo

Hormone Metabolite Scan demo

Chem Tox Scan demo

Vaccine Stress Scan demo

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CyberAssess is considered biofeedback, and superbills can be provided to submit to your carrier. Payment is required at time of order, but you may request a superbill which you will send to your insurer for reimbursement directly.