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September 10, 2017
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May 3, 2018

Ode to Oxylent

3D_Adults_BX7_COMBO-webFirst of all, what is Oxylent?!!! It’s basically a really high quality form of Emergen-C. I discovered the company when I was looking for low dose drinkable methylated vitamins, and have been a loyal fan of their products ever since. They taste really good! We have plenty in stock, come by and try a free sample.  We’ve also got magnesiums, vitamin Cs, and “liquid dirt” at the store if you are looking for any mocktail ingredients for the recipe below.
A couple of neat facts about Oxylent:
  1. They are a local company, based out of Watsonville.
  2. They use Albion minerals in all of their formulas, which is the gold standard of professional grade quality.
  3. They use methylated B12 and methylated folate. For those of you who don’t know what this means, the heartfixer website has more information than you ever wanted to know about this.
  4. Absorption is good because it’s drinkable.
  5. Excellent source of electrolytes and minerals.
They’ve just rolled out a whole line of immune flavors that are delicious, and the blueberry sports oxylent and the mandarin orange multivitamin are favorites.
Oxylent Mocktail
  • 1 packet of Oxylent
  • big splash of lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange juice (any citrus)
  • 3 oz sparkling water
  • 7-9 oz still water
  • 1 oz fulvic humic minerals, aka “liquid dirt”
  • 1 oz or more of Farmhouse Cultures Gut Shot
  • 1 scoop of buffered vitamin C powder or 1 tsp of liposomal vitamin C
  • 1 scoop of magnesium powder, like Xymogen’s Optimag
  • sweetener to taste (stevia, monk fruit, coconut sugar, etc.)

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