Nano emulsified CBD oil is now in stock :)

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August 26, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Nano emulsified CBD oil is now in stock :)

QS-Nanoemulsified-Hemp Oil-30ml


Green Health Wellness has been searching for a top quality CBD and is happy to announce the arrival of Quicksilver’s Colorado Hemp CBD oil, which is 3x stronger and 6x more effective than anything else on the market. The nano emulsion is made up of particles smaller than the wavelengths of light, which allows them to pass through the oral cavity directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract. Since it’s not dependent on the state of your digestive tract for absorption, it’s bioavailability is increased substantially. The liposomes are derived from sunflowers, so it’s soy free. 


This highly bioavailable form of Cannabis Sativa contains non pychoactive cannabinoids (i.e. it won’t get you high) and has been shown to upregulate cellular antioxidant protection, and downregulate inflammatory signaling molecules. Further studies have shown that cannabinoids support neurotransmitter balance and can help mitigate stress by modulating central nervous system excitability. Cannabinoids are also useful for musculoskeletal system support and joint health. Think of CBD as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiolytic.
For more information on CBD, there is a wealth of science and knowledge contained in Dr. John Hicks’ book, The Medicinal Power of Cannabis: Using a Natural Herb to Heal Arthritis, Pain, and Other Ailments.



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