iQube tracks

The iQube technology uses targeted binaural tracks. Current tracks options for your iQube experience include:

  • MIRACLE is used for clearing, balancing, harmonizing, and awakening the kundalini. It is a universal band-aid for humanity. Also, especially helpful for healers in clearing their own auras after working with clients. Place the Miracle at the base of your spine horizontally, and meditate.
  • CLEARING ENVIRONMENT protects against harmful entities, EMFs, and negative emotionally charged situations. It’s also an excellent aid for sensitive children or pets picking up discordant energy.
  • CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS PLUS activates the frontal lobe in seconds. Enhances clarity, creativity, and the ability to learn, and to remember what is learned. Can be used as an antidote for depression and sadness. This soundtrack can be used as a quick fix if you are stuck in any repetitive thought or emotional pattern. Can also be played on repeat in the work environment to stimulate productivity.
  • DIGESTION AND SCHUMANN RESONANCE is great for gastro-intestinal digestion and emotional digestion. We have developed 3 specialized frequencies for the Schumann resonance. These frequencies are useful for grounding and balancing your energy. An added benefit for women, this soundtrack helps to ease the physical and emotional discomfort associated with monthly cramps.
  • DNA WAVES is designed to work with mitochondria to open and re-pattern damaged DNA.
  • GLAND STIMULATION lead by the pituitary, and the pineal, the glands are the defense system of the body. This soundtrack excites the endocrine system, helping it to do its job.
  • HEART OPENING designed to gradually and gently open the heart chakra. Great for de charging. Opening the heart, paradoxically, can make one feel anger and sadness at what is being released. HEART OPENING helps to ease this necessary transition, inviting joy and bliss to flood the space vacated by pain and grief.
  • ORGAN STIMULATION helps to balance and rejuvenate the damage done to our organs and internal systems. Because life exacts a price.
  • VISION ENHANCEMENT supports not only the physical eyes, but the spiritual “seeing” necessary for successfully navigating Life.
  • GAMMA BLISS AND PINEAL ACTIVATIONis the natural state of the master meditator. Sometimes referred to as “meditation in a box” this soundtrack helps a novice or seasoned meditator go deeper, arriving at the Gamma state quicker. Good for depression or low energy. Anecdotal evidence suggests it is helpful in bringing a group dynamic into harmony.
  • DIVINE BLESSING Amrita purifies the entire body from the Crown Chakra down.Experience for yourself the blissful peace of the yogis.
  • TELOMERES protect the ends of chromosomes from deterioration or fusion with neighboring chromosomes. With age, these fibers shorten, causing any manner of mischief. Stimulating these fibers to stay long and supple is key to quality of life as one gains the fruit of long-lived experience.
  • WELLNESS is our most significant generic soundtrack to create and maintain overall health for health workers and their patients, the recipients of their work.There is no one that doesn’t benefit from being in an integrated holistic state of wellness.
  • CANNABIS gives all the benefits associated with an altered state of spiritual awareness, with none of the downside.