AmpCoil: Coming Soon!

Green Health Wellness is collaborating with ReCalibrate to offer sonic wellness.

AmpCoil is a modern sound technology that integrates PEMF and voice-guided biofeedback. AmpCoil utilizes extensive mathematical algorithms to analyze your vocal patterns, and then plays back your personalized vibrational tones. This safe process uses a modified Tesla Coil, PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field), and a sound amplifier to emit the biofeedback signals back to your body, acting similarly to a high-powered tuning fork.

Your body can become dissonant with stress from microbes, toxins, and emotions. AmpCoil can help to restore harmony by addressing these dissonant imbalances, effectively harmonizing your vibrations back to a more optimal state.

AmpCoil imageBioresonance – built-in tone generator

Biofeedback – vocal analysis for precise identification of recommended wellness journeys

Tesla – modified Tesla coil used as a resonant transformer to transmit pulsed waves of electromagnetic vibrational tones, enveloping the body while able to focus on a target area

PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic field delivery system through a modified tesla coil for intracellular penetration vs electrical systems, which stop at bones, muscles, and nerves

Sound – high-quality amplifier for a powerful sonic transmission


Sessions range from 30-90 minutes. Please contact us for more details.