COVID Updates

We have been working to keep our patients healthy, increasing our UV air filtration with pulsed ozone, and wiping down surfaces using our favorite Seventh Generation natural disinfectant spray, which uses thymol and copper ions to neutralize and kill germs. It works great as a natural hand sanitizer, too. If you feel more comfortable with a telemedicine appointment and are unsure how to do that, contact us so that we can help you get in a hair or saliva sample for your scan.

As the coronavirus situation evolves, we are staying current with the research, and Dr. Jen’s generic recommendations at this point include liposomal soy free vitamin C, olive leaf, omega oils, and probiotics.

Dr. Jen’s more comprehensive post about COVID can be viewed here:

I had COVID and didn’t know it at the time

Coronavirus Antibody Tests are available, but as they are first generation, their reliability is not yet determined. The throat swab test that is currently in use only detects active virus in the airways, and is dependent on a good collection technique as well as a respiratory presentation. The throat swab test will not show if one has been exposed and has developed antibodies.

Current evidence points to the fact that many people present with COVID in a pattern atypical to the cough, pneumonia, and fever that is seen in many cases. Reports are coming in of cardiovascular issues, toe rashes, and also completely asymptomatic cases, all of which can carry and spread the virus. There seems to be a “back door” where in some cases, coronavirus can aggravate underlying microbes such as virus, streptococcus, and tuberculosis bacteria, and this can create inflammation in pathways unlike a regular flu. Appropriate anti-microbial and inflammatory management in terms of cytokines, peroxynitrites, and free radicals can help to provide these particular cases with a positive outcome.

We will continue to keep you updated, and suggest remaining positive and focusing on all the good and improvements to come from this.